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"Some things you read, write or listen to and they leave their place in you...Not always because you loved or related to them, but precisely because you understood nothing from it."

—Sherida Kuffour, Founder and Director

01. About

Brave New Lit. is an independent platform that explores reading and writing cultures, as well as the relationship between design and science fiction. Hoping to foster immersive and engaging literary experiences and encourage a deeper understanding and appreciation of speculative genres, we publish essays, interviews, and informal conversations once a year. Our goal is to bring together discussions of literature and the graphic designers who produce its visuals, as well as exploring the many paratextual elements of a publication (i.e. the forewords, end papers etc.) that readers may not typically see or be aware of, such as the habits of book cover designers or the rituals of science fiction writers and readers.


At our core, we believe Brave New Lit. to be a literary playground full genuine curiosity about the creative and technical aspects of producing works of speculative fiction, covering topics like writing techniques, editing, cover art, typography, illustrations, world-building, character designs, and technology design. Through conversations with authors, book-binders, sci-fi readers, editors, and other industry professionals, as well as critical analyses and personal reflections on the genre, Brave New Lit. aims to celebrate the rich and diverse world of speculative fiction and the processes and paratexts involved in bringing it to life.


02. Why Speculative Fiction?

Speculative fiction is a broad term that encompasses a range of genres including science fiction, horror, and alternate history or futures (dystopia or utopia). It often involves exploring imaginative concepts, such as futuristic or fantastical worlds, advanced technologies or supernatural phenomena. Speculative fiction may also delve into the consequences and implications of these concepts, such as how they affect society, culture, and individuals. The genre allows writers and readers to explore new ideas and possibilities, and often provides a platform for social commentary and critique.


Brave New Lit. finds speculative fiction important in the current climate because it provides a platform for exploring complex issues, encouraging critical thinking, representing diverse voices, as well as, of course providing forms of escapism and entertainment.


  1. Exploration of complex issues: speculative fiction often deals with complex social, political, and environmental issues by exploring them in alternative worlds or realities. This allows readers to engage with important topics in a unique and imaginative way, which can help to spark conversations and bring attention to important issues.


  2. Encouraging critical thinking: speculative fiction often presents readers with scenarios and ideas that challenge their preconceptions and encourage critical thinking. By exploring different possibilities and outcomes, readers can develop a better understanding of the world and their place in it.


  3. Representation of diverse voices: speculative fiction allows for the representation of diverse voices and perspectives, which can help to bring attention to underrepresented communities and issues.


03. Support Brave New Lit.

We are devoted to remaining free and inclusive for as long as possible whilst maintaining a high quality reading experience, meaning no ads, no paywalls or affiliate marketing. For this reason we are extremely grateful for any donations that help in paying for the fees of upcoming contributors as well as continuous improvements to the content and design. 

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04. Press and Partners

Brave New Lit. is proudly supported by Stimuleringsfonds / Dutch Creative Industries NL. If you'd like to feature BNL for press purposes, please send an email to info [at] bravenewlit [dot] xyz