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Thank you for your interest, we are happy to have you.


Brave New Lit. is currently closed to submissions. Please come back to this page for information on future openings.


01. What we publish

Brave New Lit. is a digital literature platform exploring the nexus between fiction and paratexts. We publish 5-6 contributions per year with special focus on poetry, short stories, essays, interviews and literary critique. Content-wise, we generally love science fiction, horror, dys/utopia speculative fiction and/or experimental publishing. We’re also excited by works unconstrained by form; meaning we are open to illustration, photography, film or any medium accessible to you right now. We aim for collaboration and conversations about processes over final results so unfinished pieces are also welcomed. We currently do not accept academic submissions.

02. How to submit your work

When submitting any document, please send an email to info [at] with the word ‘Submission’ in the subject line. Please make sure to add your name, the date and the name of the piece you’re submitting to the filename. i.e “Kindred_OctaviaButler_28112021”.